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02 May 2010 @ 10:49 am
Karla's Choice  


Kapag naririnig ko ang pangalang Richard Gordon, una kong naiisip ang tulungan--kung sa natural disasters man, sa Blue Ribbon Committee, sa Red Cross, o sa Wow Philippines. 'Pag naiisip ko siya, natutuwa ako. Kahit na alam kong 'di siya mananalo. Basta siya ang gusto ko. Parang Lawin at Sisiw lang. Kailangan ng tulungan para hindi mahablot ang sisiw at nakakatuwa kahit 'di niyo alam kung sino mananalo. At siyempre, mas nakakatuwa kasi nakakakiliti kapag hinahawakan ka sa baywang.


Looking for a game that's quick and a million times more fun than Scrabble? Try Lawin at Sisiw. Not that Scrabble's not really fun; it's just that you don't get to run and scream and laugh at the excitement. That was how fun Lawin at Sisiw was. And truth be told, I never expected this game to be my favorite. I'm not into anything physical, and it's really apparent, but this game was the one I liked the most. 
Throughout the game, I was giggling like a schoolgirl because I am so very ticklish. Evie was holding me by the waist, we were running, and we were all screaming because a couple of lawins were nearly reaching our sisiws. It was such a great, exhilarating feeling, to be playing like that when you're already in college. <3


Like me, it was so obvious that my classmates had fun. It was very physical and enjoyable, and all of us didn't want to become the sisiw. I noticed that the lawins really did everything just to reach the sisiw and the rest of us were trying our best so that he/she wouldn't reach the sisiw. 


The only variation I could think of is that the sisiws can be the inahin anytime throughout the duration of the game so that they wouldn't be caught. Wait. The lawin could also be the one who's supposed to be tagged by the sisiw or inahin. Tons of fun!!!

who da man (or woman)?

Martin. We had the variation wherein the lawin could only pull the sisiw. And he couldn't be pulled. He was so huge compared to Ayra that the rest of us were running in different directions just to stop her from pulling.