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29 April 2010 @ 11:14 pm


Si Villar daw ang tunay na mahirap at tunay na may malasakit. Sigurado akong memorize na natin by heart ang mga jingle niya at kung anu-ano pa sa telebisyon at radyo. Nabilang niyo na ba kung ilang beses na niyong nakita o napanood ang mga batang kumakanta? Kaya sa darating na eleksyon, siguradong pinakamasakit ito sa kanya dahil sa gastos. Parang bihagan lang--physical na sakit nga lang. Pinakamasakit sa hilahan at kalmutan.


UP students, I've observed, are very competitive. More importantly, these students have a lot of pent-up stress. Consider bihagan: adrenaline-pumping, totally exciting, and surely exhilarating. That's how I felt before, during, and after the game. For one, it was so exciting because of the risk-taking. Moreover, it takes a lot of power and cooperation just to get a captive for your team.
I mentioned that UP students have a lot of stress because they were literally scratching, pulling at your clothes or legs, and were inflicting all kinds of pain just to score a point. Not that it was bad, though. I really enjoyed attempting to pull people roughly. It was fun despite having people bump you and falling. A lot.


A lot of people were apparently terrified because they refused trying to pull poeple to their base. It was totally understandable. A lot of people, however, were intent on getting the job done. Their motto: "Whatever it takes." True. They pulled legs, poked, pulled at hair or legs or other pull-able limbs. I was glad that even though this game was held on our first day, no one held back so it became fun. If people took a photo of us in the gym, we would be a messy heap on the gym floor. FUN!


Hmm. Only one team could attempt to pull at a time?  You could only pull at a certain body part, like a leg or an arm?

who da man (or woman?)

We were on the far side of the court, so we didn't have much action relative to the others. Nonetheless, I would have to say that Monica was great at this game. Pulling her (or attempting to pull her) seemed close to impossible. She was like a wall who pulled you with such strength that you fall on your back and get held by the legs. Seriously. She is one tough chick.
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29 April 2010 @ 10:54 pm


Bago tumakbong pangulo si Noynoy, sitting pretty lang siya sa Senado. Ngayon, mukhang sitting pretty na rin dahil mukhang mananalo siya. Parang si Noynoy, sitting pretty rin ang paglalaro ng Baboy Baboy.


Feeling tired? Have a break with Baboy Baboy without losing the excitement. This was one of the first games we've played, and I was really curious and excited. I had a very... unusual childhood, so I never played these types of games. Considering that this was one of the first few games we've played, most of us didn't really know each other very well so we were pretty awkward towards each other. I volunteered to become the inahin of our group so I was a bit confused and nervous. It was a really hard job--trying to stop others from stealing the biik (or small things inside the circle). It was stressful and thrilling, because (a) you want to do your best (b) you're in competition mode (c) playing a game like that is really nerve-racking. Anyway, it took two minutes before another group mate replaced me, and it was fulfilling and sadistic. It was really easy to steal things inside the circle since the inahin needed to divert his or her attention to a lot of people. It's really one of the mildest games we've played but it didn't disappoint.


Something that set my mind at ease was my classmates' reactions. These people have no inhibitions, no shyness when it comes to these kinds of games. It was really surprising. Those who seemed soft-spoken or silent didn't seem like that at all. When it came to the game proper, what I noticed was that some of my group mates were deliberately steering the inahin's eyes away from bottle caps or keys (including other things) so that others would be able to steal. It was really amusing because we all tried different strategies like putting our hands through arms or legs, or grabbing things behind the inahin's back.


Number 1. A very large circle, with things scattered inside it. Players get to take turns to grab things inside the circle. Maybe we can have two to three inahins and a larger group and circle.

who da man? (or woman)

RG (?). Maybe he's secretly a thief. I don't know. He has very nimble hands and has used the techniques mentioned to grab the biik.

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