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12 May 2010 @ 06:30 pm
Karla's Choice (Phase TWO)  


Mahilig ka ba sa chicken? Eh sa pizza? Mas mahilig ka ba sa KFC? Pa'no 'pag pinagsama yung chicken ng KFC at pizza? Siguradong may bago ka na namang hihiligan. Sa sarap niya at sa pagiging kakaiba, 'di ka makakahanap ng ganito sa McDo kasi di masarap chicken doon. 'Di ka makakahanap ng ganito sa Jollibee kasi 'di sila gumagawa ng tomato sauce na pang-chicken. At lalung-lalo kang 'di makakahanap nito sa ChowKing. Siguro 'di ko na kailangang sabihin kung bakit. Parang Akyat Bahay lang. Ang ganda na nga ng concept, super pa ang execution. Kaya siyempre, may bago na akong favorite.



The game name really excites me. Once I get to know what it is, I make speculations and it makes me so excited. When I first heard the name, my ears perked up, but I was a little bit worried if my messy handwriting could somehow make the name fit the rating sheet. When I heard the mechanics, it made me chuckle. Seriously, what kind of sane person thinks these games up? To borrow Ma'am's expression, "AMAZING!"
Now, when I found out who my group mates were, I was a bit disconcerted. We were all girls. I'm lampa. I don't know Tricia and Laura well enough to know what their strengths are. Monica seemed like our only hope. After a few rounds, I was surprised by how well we did. And then, Pauline joined our group. I was surprised by how well we did!
It was thrilling to guard the slippers and to get other slippers while people aren't looking!


We were SO lucky. The ones who were made cops were always roaming around our area. Wait. They were not roaming around. They were really guarding us! Sweet sausage sandwich! However, scary thieves like Neil, Peter, and Janina kept trying to get those slippers. They were so fast... But we were faster. That didn't stop them from grabbing a few flip-flops, though.  
I really noticed that all of us did a lot more cooperating rather than making strategies, which was cool for our group and Ramon's group.


Argh. This is hard. All rules apply for the original game but the police can steal and catch people on the act at the same time. We can steal from them, too. A variation on that variation would add politicians. They can only catch cops. To steal from them would require a whole group (the one with your bases). Cops can still catch people stealing.
Confusing, ain't it?

who da man (or woman)?

Who grabs six slippers in a row but never gets caught? Monica. She's like the LeBron to our group's Cavaliers, Rondo/Allen/Paul/Garnett to our Celtics, Kobe to our Lakers, Nowitzki to our Mavericks, Dwight Howard to our....
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