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12 May 2010 @ 12:09 pm
Six pesos lang ang ikot/toki  


Nakita na natin sa TV at billboards sina Toni Gonzaga, Kim Chiu, Gerald person (what's his name again?), Michael V., at KC Concepcion. More energy, mas happy daw. At kitang-kita talaga ang happiness nila. 'Pag ininom mo daw 'to araw araw, siguro magiging glowing ka, parang si Bea sa 4G Antioxidants. Pero mas magaling pa rin ang Enervon. Kasi happy. Parang sa Karera ng Jeep. More energy to run, mas happy. At happing-happy talaga kahit brutal at takbuhan. Mas happy nga.


Getting tired of the Toki, Ikot, or whatever jeepney there is in UP? You don't have to worry with Karera ng Jeep. Having just played this hours ago, I can still reminisce the heart-stopping sensation that I had due to the excitement and the heart-rushing sensation that I had due to the running. And, again. OH. MY. GOD. I just couldn't keep up and people were getting detached from the arm-linking that we had. And then they just had to have people bashing you in the arms. And it was FUN. Really, this was my runner-up for favorite.


It really is wrong using English when you can say it so much better in Filipino. My classmates were frazzled--no, stressed. No... Nataranta talaga sila, myself included. It was such a silly sight to see their hesitation to be 'inside' the jeep. For example, once Jen asked for obese dudes, no one wanted to go because they were obviously not obese. I think the better reason for that is because it was just. SO. TIRING. Reaction time-wise? We were all so very slow but still very competitive. 


The jeep with the most number of members wins? We could start off by having descriptions first. Persons not fitting these descriptions should stay behind but should avoid being caught by the other teams. Teams would race to point A to their base and can get more 'passengers'. 

who da man (or woman)?

I could say Bryanne or Jason, but I won't. They were too fast so it was hard for the other members to catch up. Of course, I appreciate the speed! I choose... Jessica. Out of all my group mates, she had great reaction time!
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