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12 May 2010 @ 11:59 am


Inaantok ka ba? Kulang sa energy pero ayaw ng Enervon o kaya Milo? Kulang ka ba sa tunay na lakas? Move over, Extra Joss and Red Bull dahil may bagong energy drink na siguradong gigising sa 'yo! Ang bagong Cobra energy drink! Now with more caffeine than ever! Para sa tunay na lakas na gumawa ng paper hanggang 5 AM, sa pagbuhat ng mga librong babasahin, at pagtagal dito sa UP! 
Kung ang Cobra nagbibigay ng tunay na lakas, sa larong ito kinakailangan 'yun. Sa Bato Balani (tama ba 'yun?), talagang pagod ang biceps, triceps, at kung ano mang 'ceps ka pa meron para lang mapunta sa bato balani ang kalaban.


'Malakas ako.' That's what I was saying right before we played the game. I was psyching myself up because I had a feeling that this would be one extreme game. Again, I was right. And I couldn't believe that I was actually looking forward to the inevitable pain. I was just happy, pumped up, and really excited. Daryl (is that correct?) kept telling me that I was sooo competitive. I was literally pushing him and Christian and I was using  my weight as an advantage to anchor myself. It was effective and gave me an adrenaline rush. I didn't mind if nails were digging through my hands or that I couldn't even feel my hands anymore. I didn't care. This was just too fun and awesome.


A lot of the girls had a hard time with the game. Really. Once, Ramon and Daryl colluded to get Lian out of the game. It was so hard competing with these heavy, buff beings. As always, everyone was so darn competitive. They guys were obviously having a great time, but so was everyone. The game was relatively simple but was really fun despite the lack of other rules.


I couldn't resist. Segregation? Again? I don't know. Personally, that would be better since we have really big guys in class. Girls against girls and guys against guys would be more appropriate. 

who da man (or woman)?

I gotta say... Although I had an easier time pushing and pulling Christian and Daryll, they would still be my varsity players, along with THE Ramon. Christian made my hand numb and Daryll just couldn't be ultimately pushed to the bato balani, no matter how hard I tried.
Now, Ramon was a different breed altogether. Powerful guy. Big guy. Can't get that guy to the goal. Shucks.
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