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11 May 2010 @ 11:58 am
"That's hawt."  


Pa'no 'pag nagutom ka pero 'di mo alam kung ano mas gusto mo kainin sa dalawa: corned beef o tuna? Sarap ng corned beef o sustansya ng tuna? Ngayon, pinagsama na ang sodium-rich na sarap sa Omega 3 sa bagong San Marino corned tuna! Endorsed by Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, magiging hot new love daw natin ito. Bumili kami nito pero okay lang naman. Parang Tago Tabo Kandila lang. Galing ng concept, pero 'di ko favorite. Kahit na iba pa rin ang tibok ng puso ko, ang ganda ng concept, 'di ba?


If I were an alien, I'd be lost. Seriously, that's how I felt throughout the game. Not that I didn't know the rules, but I just didn't know what to do with myself. Hahahaha. Was I helping? Should I move here?
Anyway, I was just so amazed by this game. Wasn't it great? I was just pretty much lost at the beginning. I tried to help as much as I can to protect the candle by using my size or by moving with my team. It was just more thrilling than it was fast-paced and fun. But still--I can't get over the fact that this game was so different! Next time your family has a power outage, waste your candles on this!


Our group was funny. I observed that we weren't really comfortable with each other yet so we didn't have great communication or chemistry. We weren't usually in the same group so I think that had given us a hard time. Anyway... It was great to see risk-takers like Bryanne, Neil, or Monica. At the end, I was really baffled by how other groups protected their candles. Hee! ^.^ It was fun to watch!


How about a race to the finish line? We can still blow out other candles, but the main objective is to get to the end with your candles and other body parts intact. Or... One to two persons would race to the finish line while the rest of the group could prevent others to reach it, too.

who da man (or woman)?

I gotta give it to Bryanne, Neil, and Angela. Even if we were always the first group out, Bryanne became a terror to the other groups. Neil, so slim and slender, can get into crevices and he'll blow your candles out! Angela came from nowhere--nowhere being down below. She blew our candle out since she used her size to her advantage. I just can't even... How did they even get to blow out candles?!?!!

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