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11 May 2010 @ 11:40 am
Shake-izzle your waist-izzle  


Naghahanap ka ba ng abs o 24-inch waistline? Kung ayaw mong gumastos sa Xenical o Fitrum ni Juday, mag-Fit 'n Right ka daw. May L-Carnitine ito na talagang nakakapayat at masarap pa('Di ko pa ito natitikman.). Gaya ng Sakupan. Sa takbuhan at init ng summer, maglaro ka lang nito araw-araw at siguradong papayat ka din bago magsimula ang AY 2010-2011.


I never really looked forward to games that required chasing people around. There's too much running. And sweating. Besides, according to my younger brother and proven by bruises and wounds on my knees, I am lampa. Luckily, the tayas had lots of prospects that weren't me. So to prevent that from happening, I volunteered to become one of the tayas. Man, it was hard. We had to run and jump and run and jump and run so fast and... When Jason became part of the collective tayas, we had to keep up and really run. I was dead tired but happy. So much fun for such a tiring and challenging game.


Not all of our classmates were blessed with height. But they were blessed with neck-breaking speed and agility which made it nearly impossible to catch them. Nearly impossible. Thankfully, there were others who weren't so blessed with stamina. Again, I was surprised by how into it my classmates were -- running like there was no tomorrow.


Segregation! Female tayas would catch female pains while the male ones would catch male pains. Or... You could start with a boy-girl taya pair that would catch persons of different genders alternately. Hahaha. I am so out of ideas.

who da man (or woman)?

Oh. My. God. Jason. When we caught him then became one of us, I was always catching my breath and trying to catch up with him. He would jump and carry the whole group with him! Going at, well, 80 kilometers an hour, he led us to... victory? Hee.
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