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01 May 2010 @ 11:02 am
Huh? Whut?  


Sobrang daming text jokes na ang nabasa natin tungkol sa pagka-slow ng ating dating pangulo (Example: Umiiyak si Erap na may hawak na Piattos. May taong nagtanong, 'Ba't ka umiiyak?' Sagot ni Erap, "Eh kasi sabi sa Piattos, 'Tear Here' daw."). Kawawa naman siya. Parang kami lang sa ikutang dala-dalawa. Medyo komplikado ang mechanics kaya mas masaya.


Nervous. That's how I felt prior to the game. I was asking a couple of people to clarify because I wasn't sure if I understood the game correctly. When the game started, I was silently thinking, 'Please, let it not be me next'. But of course that didn't happen. Surprisingly, I did well. Watching everyone and waiting excitedly was really suspenseful... and funny.


We must have been a sight to see while playing the game. Out of pent-up tension, confusion, and thrill, a lot of people were running in different directions at random. We were all shouting, "Ate/Kuya, 'di ikaw yung taya!!!" Like me, a lot of my classmates were confused. If this was a group game, we would be rating our reaction time as 1. Everyone was laughing, though, because it was really a mess.


To make the game more difficult than it already is, I would suggest having two concentric circles. Since one circle would be inside the other, we could have two to three people who would tag people.

who da man (or woman)?

She was quick on her feet and in her reaction. Plus, she's the funniest and loudest person in class which made the game extremely enjoyable. Who, you may ask? Unads (?).
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karlalujahkarlalujah on October 23rd, 2012 06:17 am (UTC)
I'm sorry it disappointed you. This was my project--a commentary on known and invented Philippine games for my Phys. Ed. course.

Everything I had on this blog was meant for my PE professor and my classmates, as well. I hope I didn't mean to offend. Sorry.